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Makin' Waves Mermaid Jumbo Pouch


Be a Mermaid and Make Waves

We're shell shocked by the size of our Makin' Waves Mermaid Jumbo Pouch. You'l have to sea it to believe it! 

You'll want to have and to hold this buxom beauty on you at all times. The beautiful raven haired maiden is drawn in a timeless vintage tattoo style. Sailor Jerry and his mates would be proud!

Featuring fin'tastically spaced trios of bubbles, it draws the attention right back to the sultry siren swimming on the front of this zipper pouch. Rather than stuffing this beauty in your larger purse, backpack, or messenger, she makes a lovely clutch. It's a good size to stash your makeup, wallet, keys, and other tiny treasures you typically carry in your purse. While it's not as deep as the ocean, or your giant bag, it does have about an inch of depth so it's not completely flat.

Large enough that you can carry papers, pencils, highlighters, and sharpies to and fro, she'll make a big Splash at school or your next seriously boring board meeting.

Art by Michael Mabry. 95% post consumer recycled material. Measures approximately 10.25 inches tall x 13.75 inches wide x 1 inch deep. Our Makin' Waves Mermaid Jumbo Pouch is o'fish'ally a fun gift for all mermaid lovers!

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