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My Cat Is Cool As F*ck Socks


Purrfect for pouncing around town or lounging in your fav sunspot

Our My Cat Is Cool As F*ck Socks playfully points out the obvious about your BFF - Best Furry Friend.  Fur real, we'd much paw-fur spending time with our cat over suf-fur-ing through the tox-hiss-ity of hy-purr-kitty-cal friends.  After all, mew-sery loves company and our My Cat Is Cool As Fuck Women's Crew Socks sums up our felines just purrfectly.

A cat-astrophically on point gift for all of the cool cats who you know that would litter'ally give up their seat at a bar for a comfy spot on the couch next to their furry BFF... and we're not kitten.

Fits women's shoe size 5-10.  Made with 51% soft luxurious combed cotton, 48% nylon for strength and 1% spandex for long lasting fun.

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