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My Sweatpants Think You're Pathetic Gum


Whatever, Karen.

Our snarky My Sweatpants Think You're Pathetic Gum is the perfectly absurd rebuttal for when you're too deep into your own (Netflix) marathon training and simply too chill to care. 

If you're like us, you're exhausted from sight of all of these active friends in your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feed?  Marathon this, gym that... I woke up like this nonsense.  Like maybe some of us just want to stay in bed... is that so wrong?  Stop your bragging already.  Geesh.

Oh, and it's worth mentioning that our sweatpants also think that Doritos are the best snack food and that The Kardashians are way better than The Real Housewives.  Our sweatpants have a lot of deep thoughts.  A fun gift for your favorite busy body!

Includes 8 pieces of candy-coated minty fresh gum in a dainty box.  Measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall. Our My Sweatpants Think You're Pathetic Gum is made in Canada.

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