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Blue Q Pee-Pee Poo-Poo Hand Sanitizer

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Let's face it.  You never know where your kid's hands have been.  Heck - you probably don't even remember where yours have been some of the time.  Keep a bottle of our Pee-Pee Poo-Poo Hand Sanitizer around to combat those unknowns.

From a sneeze in the hand to the handle of the public bathroom door...  to a little tinkle sprinkle... to a bare-butt rear end scratch (the really deep itchy kind).  Those hands are picking up all kinds of nasty stuff all the time and when there's not a clean faucet with soap nearby, let our Pee-Pee Poo-Poo Hand Sanitizer do the job.

Kills germs on contact.  Your business is our business.

2oz bottle.  Active ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 62%.  Kids are 98% yucky!