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Blue Q Soaprah Winfrey Hand Soap

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Youve never asked for anything in your life and youre so grateful for all you have...  and now you have this soap!  SURPRISE!  You thought today would just be another day of washing your hands, but you were wrong!  This soap is fortified with aloe vera to give you extra soft hands!  Woooo!!!!  Try to hold your tears and excitement back! 

Thats right!  You get a bubble!  Everyone gets a bubble!  Wave your fragrant hands around in the air like you just dont care!

Our Soaprah Winfrey Liquid Hand Soap will get your hands clean with a lovely green tea and fresh mint scent! 

Bottle measures 5.5 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide.  Net Weight 8 oz.  Made in USA.

Please note: Soaprah Winfrey in no way contains any parts of the TV host known as Oprah Winfrey.