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Talk With Your Cat Breath Spray
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Blue Q Talk With Your Cat Breath Spray

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After years of testing by NASA, the anxiously awaited and groundbreaking Instantly Talk with Your Cat Breath Spray has finally been made available to the public.
Never before has the world seen a more useful product. Never. Just one quick spritz unlocks the dialogue between you and your pet. Share intimate dreams and fears, poignant memories, stock tips, recipes, and options about sports and love.
Every wondered why your cat uses your computer keyboard as it's private chaise lounge? Why don't you just ask them! Find out what your cat really does all day, what it's actually staring at... and why it needs to lie on your clothes!
You live together. You share the same bed. Isn't it a bit strange that you've never exchanged one word?
Purrfectly Mint Flavor .25 fl. oz./ 7.5ml
WARNING: Do not over use you only need a whisker! May feel urge to stalk mice and birds, chase loose threads, lick plastic bags, walk on jigsaw puzzles, insert yourself into impossibly small spaces and spend countless hours staring at dust mites spinning in the sun. You may experience increase feat of vacuum cleaner, be abnormally suspicious of any new object or visitor, and go bat shit if anyone tries to rub your stomach. If you cannot decide whether to stay in or go out, reduce dosage. If you should experience overwhelming urge to show buttocks to friends and colleagues, induce weird spasmodic vomiting. Under no condition should you use while operating a laser pointer.