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Uranus Lavatory Mist



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And now, for an in-depth look into Uranus Lavatory Mist...

Blah blah blah, something about gaseous planets... enough with the fluff, already! Here's the deal: "Uranus" is never not funny. So, we ran with it.

Butt, in case you didn't know... Uranus's atmosphere is rich in methane and its upper atmosphere experiences strong wind traveling in the direction of its rotation. Also, Uranus sounds like "your anus." 

Scented with meyer lemon, bergamot and rose.  Plastic bottle.  Measures 6 inches high x 1.75 inches diam. 5.3 fl. oz.  Made in the USA. A thoughtful gift for someone interested in the planetary system, or your inner 5 year old... our Uranus Lavatory Mist.

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