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Worst Gift Ever Men's Socks


We're pretty, pretty, pretty, PRETTY sure that there's nothing better than some good ole self deprecating humor!

So while your gift recipient may try to Curb their Enthusiasm at the sight of this hilariously somber offering, something tells us that they won't be able to fall instantly in love with our Worst Gift Ever Men's Socks.

A perfect mix of irony, empathy, silliness and dirty laundry.  Because really, socks... they're just like us.  They laugh, they cry and sometimes they sit on a stairway to nowhere, moping about how no one loves them.  Don't just stand there, someone hand this sock a cocktail!

Perfect for awkward gift exchanges, it at least allows you put your foot in the door by showing them your amazing sense of humor.  It toe'tally doesn't stink!

Men's shoe size 7-12.  50% nylon; 47% combed cotton; 3% spandex.  

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