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Yo Dude, Put Some Pants On! Socks



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Why Do Men Like To Walk Arounf Without Pants On?

Hey bro!  Maybe it's not too appropriate for you to be freeballing around the house in your robe while my mom's around?  And maybe you could move your piles of laundry back into your room, pay rent this month, and get your car out of dad's spot while you're at it?

Our Yo Dude, Put Some Pants On! Men's Socks is the perfect roommate gift for the not so perfect roommate.  Great gift for always nude, or too close to being nude dad, boyfriend, husband, or your 40+ year old sponge of a brother son that never left your parent's house!

Men's shoe size 7-12. 54% combed cotton; 43% nylon; 3% spandex.  Forseriously.  Hangover or not, would you please put some f*cking pants on?

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