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Body Odor Scented Candle

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We've all been there... You run out of deodorant in the morning and think you can make it through the day.   When you get home, you think you've done pretty good until you take off your shirt and your nose gets closer to your pit...

That sweet, acrid smell of the day hits you like a brick and you realize why all of your afternoon meetings were so quick.  Hmmm. Maybe we're on to something! 

(Whatever. It still smells better than Bruce in Accounting!)

Our funk-a-riffic Body Odor Scented Candle is perfect for keeping those long talkers' visits to your office short, and yet won't totally gross you out while you get your works done without interruption. 

This candle is made by hand and comes in a smart looking tin.  Tin measures 2 inches in diameter x 2 inches tall.

Made in the good ol' USA!  


Gift Ideas

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