Bottle Openers + Stoppers

Stop?  Please...  Why should we put a cork in it, when we have an awesome collection of unique and clever bottle stoppers?  In need of the perfect gift for the wino in your life?  Now they can preserve their favorite bottle of vino or bubbly with some belly laughs, and giggles!  Looking for an excellent gift for your best beer buddy? Our assortment of offbeat bottle openers + stoppers are guaranteed to pop your top and get the party started!


Office Party Swig Time Stapler Corkscrew


Our cleverly disguised Office Party Stapler Corkscrew won't leave you screwed over the next time an impromptu, in-house, happy hour breaks out at work! While it may look like a mild-mannered regular ole standard office stapler, its secret identity...

Unbeerlievable Beer Bottle Opener Ring


Unbeerlievably Handy! Stop searching through drawers, put down that lighter, and for Pete's sake get that bottle away from your back teeth! Now you'll never be left without the ability to open a tasty micro brew or specialty beer when you have our...

Brew Ray Manta Ray Bottle Opener


You Da Man-ta Ray Keep your space nice and tide'y with Fred’s Brew Ray Manta Ray Bottle Opener! It will be easy to glide into good times and dive into your next drinking adventure when you use this manta ray to pop open your next bottle! There's...

Rainbow Wine Stopper + Drink Marker Set


Our Rainbow Wine Stopper and Drink Marker Set is a sure way to brighten up your party! No only does it let each party-goer mark their wine glass, it also lets you cork your wine with a fun cloud and a rainbow. Bring the Rainbow Wine Stopper &...

Beer Tree Bottle Cap Drinking Game


Our Beer Tree Bottle Cap Party Game is a tree that grows with every beer! So, just how long does it need to flower? That depends on you and your party guests! At parties or cozy evenings, the tree grows by the hour. In Germany it's called...

Ever Cork Vacuum Wine Stopper

$4.99 $2.00

Pop! Press! And Preserve! Our Ever Cork Vacuum Wine Stopper will let the wine you savor keep its flavor! Simple air retraction system helps preserve the freshness of any bottle!  Easy as 1-2-3! Pop! Press! Preserve!  To use, simply...

Bottle Beetle Bottle Opener


Now we've dung it! May we present, the perfect bar accessory for stag night... our Bottle Beetle Bottle Opener will grab your bottle and the evening by its horns! Don’t let those pesky bottle caps bug you. Reach for our trusty Bottle Beetle! The...

Oaked Wine Acorn Bottle Stoppers


Aw, nuts! Our Oaked Wine Acorn Bottle Stoppers are just about as nutty as they come! Acorn-y and useful gift, our Fred and Friends bottle stoppers are cleverly designed to resemble acorns and will allow you to squirrel your wine away for...