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Bowling Alley Cats Bowling Game


Set ‘em up and knock ‘em down!

These Bowling Alley Cats are ready to rumble and tumble! Our adorable hand-painted Bowling Alley Cats Bowling Game includes six cat pins and a roly-poly mouse “bowling” ball. 

In this little game of cat and mouse, it's the mouse's turn to strike revenge on those terrorizing kitties, while they take a bit of a cat nap! They'll be rolling through their spare lives, and may even find themselves in a gutter! Just set them up in their typical purr-ramid form, and let the good times roll!

A purrfectly awesome gift for cat lovers of all ages! These stray cats are ready to rock this town, and rock it inside out!

Classic wood construction, with hand painted details means that they’re both durable and attractive. Packed in a full-color gift box. Design by Dan Savoie, Fred Studio.

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