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Crystal Growing Volcano


Exploding soon on a desk near you... a fractal eruption from our Crystal Growing Volcano! All of the beauty of an erupting volcano, with none of the hot ash or running for your life! Our kit...

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This Is Spinal Tape


This tape goes to 11!    Our This is Spinal Tape is a handy spinal cord on a roll, containing approximately 2745 vertebrate on it's 25 meter spool.  Imagine the spine tingling...

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Brew It Yourself Caveman Cola


Ever wonder what our prehistoric ancestors drank while eating popcorn and watching live cave drawings?  We're certainly not archaeologists, but we're pretty sure they were drinking some form of...

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Flash Rocks


Is that triboluminescence in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?   Forseriously though...  Just rub our Flash Rocks together to see a totally natural piezoelectric rock show!...

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Lustrous Gold Glux Putty


All that glitters is not gold... sometimes it's our enticing Lustrous Gold Glux Putty! Our resident alchemist has transformed plain ole putty into a rich beautiful shimmering gold. Bounce gold bars,...

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