Island Dogs

Welcome to the Sh*t Show Toilet Paper


Dropping the kids off at the pool? Welcome to the Shit Show Toilet Paper defines the entire world right now! But at least you've got some, right? This awesome toilet paper has Welcome To The Shit...

Helping Hands Chopsticks


Looks like your chopstick skills could use a helping hand. Please, a tiny round of applause for our Helping Hands Chopsticks, which were recently featured on BuzzFeed! Hilariously adorable they also...

Fake News Toilet Paper


Does Trump wear a toupee? There's fake news everywhere. It's on our televisions, phones and newspapers... and now it can be on Fake News Toilet Paper! Obviously fake news should be called Narrative...

Crap Jokes Toilet Paper


Do clown farts smell funny? Our pun-intended Crap Jokes Toilet Paper reminds us of a simpler time of reading a magazine while in the bathroom. You gained a wealth of knowledge, whether it was an old...