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This is a F*cking Quote Book


Our profoundly silly This is a Fucking Quote Book is dedicated to the eminent individuals whose words are parodied therein. We'd like to imagine each of the living or dead, getting a chuckle out of...

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Action Items! Pad


Take note! Our Action Items! Pad is a project manager's dream come true!  It's a to-do list notepad that conveys the appropriate level of urgency! Because there's nothing more satisfying than...

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Affirmators! Journal


Lucky you! Our magically uplifting Affirmators! Journal has manifested its way into your life! Rainbows, unicorns, and good vibes, oh my! Our customer favorite Affirmators! Affirmation Cards has now...

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Affirmators! Affirmation Cards


Even pessimists like a little positivity, so comedian Suzi Barrett created these inspirational-but-not-cheesy affirmation cards. Providing the fun of a horoscope with a little less woo-woo, and full...

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All Out Of... Notepad


Have you ever wandered blindly at the grocery store, trying to remember what to buy? The Perpetual Kid sure has! Stick our All Out Of... Notepad on your fridge and check off depleted items as...

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Fun Vouchers for Lovers


Our smoochy woochy Vouchers for Lovers by Knock Knock - it's the gift that gives twenty times! Vouchers will express your affection in refreshingly non-material ways. By presenting your lucky...

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Ussies Photo Album


It's totally true, we all take ussies... but now there’s an old school way to them,  our Ussies Photo Album!  So get your pics off the device and into this blatantly ussie-obsessed...

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