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Primitives by Kathy

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I Love You More String Art Box

$9.99 $4.99

Guess how much we love our mini I Love You More String Art Box? To the moon and back, and then some! Because we all know that relationships are just games/battles to prove who loves the other more...

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Follow That Unicorn Socks


Our Follow That Unicorn Socks are legen... wait for it.... dary. Legendary. It's not your imagination these adorable socks will give you happy feet as you prance and dance around the house in...

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I Love Us String Art Wooden Box

$7.99 $3.99

Our mini I Love Us String Art Wooden Box is a gift that is sure to tug at your honey's heart strings! I sweet way to say that they have your heart by a string, it's a cute and simple way to...

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