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Snarky Tea

Wake The F**k Up Snarky Tea


Good morning, you stunning creature! Mornings are difficult for most, but not for you. You love hitting the treadmill at 5 a.m. and petting tiny fawns in dew-covered meadows at the first sign of...

Fierce B*tch Snarky Tea


Stay bold, stay snarky...  Yaaaaaaaas. The heavens have shined upon you with a celestial light of fiery fierceness and you’re absolutely killing it. When you walk by, flowers perk up and...

Get Your Sh*t Together Snarky Tea


Okay, so you really need to work on your life at the moment... Our Get Your Sh*t Together Snarky Tea can help. What's that? You need a recap? You went out with co-workers last night and performed...

Calm The F**k Down Tea Snarky Tea


Adulting is hard.    Like, really hard.     Our Calm The F*ck Down Snarky Tea can help. You’re late for work and there’s crazy traffic. There’s mascara in your...

Namaste Motherf**ker Snarky Tea


The choice of a new generation of yogis. Our Namaste Mother F**ker Snarky Tea is quenching the inner thirst of the new wave of snarky yoga practitioners. That's right. There's a new set of yogis in...