Snifty Scented Products

Hello Week Pencil Set


Oh, hello week... Let's do this. Let's face it, most are as excited to see Monday roll around, as Jerry was to see Newman. The good news is our Hello Week Pencil Set will add some much needed...

Fresh + Fruity Scented Eraser Set


It's the 80's calling and, like, your eraser collection totally misses you! We all make mistakes … you know, like not placing your cherished 80's childhood sticker and eraser collections in a...

Good Vibes Only Pencil Set


I'm pickin' up good vibrations Looking for a gift that radiates positivity? Our Good Vibes Only Pencil Set are positively on point for dispensing a healthy dose of high-grade energy. Are...

Over The Rainbow Scented Eraser


Proof that mistakes make life more colorful Imagine how freaking dull life would be if everything we did was perfect? Sounds like a nightmare, unless you aspire to be a Stepford Wife! Our large...