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Bubble-Lick Make Your Own Flavored Edible Bubbles Six Pack

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Take a deep breath and relax... we're about to blow your mind. Now you can create your own flavored lickable bubbles using your favorite beverage with our BubbleLick Edible Bubble Kit! Mix, blow, and lick these amazing bubbles... they're bursting with flavor!

Kids will have fun creating cool, flavored lickable bubbles from their favorite juices, sodas, and even Gatorade! They'll have so much fun, they won't even realize that you've tricked them into learning, using their creativity,and exercising their noodle through experimentation!

Now we hate to burst your bubble, kiddos but it's not just for you! Adults get ready to jump head first into the fun! This revolutionary ingredient has turned the world of mixology on its head! Imagine creating create tequila bubbles, rum bubbles, champagne bubbles... It's the ultimate icebreaker and cocktail parties! You can even turn it into a game by catching it or licking it where it lands.

Perfect for birthday parties, wedding & all outdoor events. The bubbles are non-toxic and 100% safe to eat.

Each Pack contains 6 BubbleLick bottles. Each bottle contains 25 ml solution and a final volume of 50 ml after beverage is filled to RED line. Safe and non-toxic, no artificial flavorings, preservatives, gluten or allergic components.