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Bulldog Pillow

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Whether you're considering a hairless addition to your pack, or looking for a snuggly stand-in couch companion (because the mean ole landlady will not let you have pets) our Bulldog Pillow will be a great addition to your home!

With amazing photo realistic quality, you'll find yourself wanting to have fun with your new best friend!   Like watching a marathon of Dog Whisperer, playing fetch with the remote, taking him on walks, and chasing the neighborhood cat!   You may look a little cray cray, so maybe just limit your walks to the fridge, and leave that poor cat alone!

You'll find this fellas squished face and wrinkles nearly as irresistible as the real thing!

Measures ruff'ly 18 inches tall x 13 inches wide x 5 inches deep.   One side is printed, the other is solid black.