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Bytox Hangover Prevention Remedy

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Drinking just isnt what it used to be because now a hangover can keep you bed bound for an entire day!  Recovering from a crazy night could result in missing events with friends and family, not able to even open your eyes, and possible tears from regret.  If you want to get wild every once in a while but do not want to face that awful feeling and regret that comes the next day, try our Bytox Hangover Prevention Remedy!

You simply put this patch on a hairless part of your body 45 minutes before you begin drinking.  The complex blend of B vitamins and acids will be absorbed straight into your blood stream.  Bytox continuously replenishes your body with nutrients!

Single time use. Patch measures 2 inches x 2 inches.

Be Responsible: The Bytox patch does not reverse or prevent sensory impairment in the operation of machinery or vehicles after alcohol consumption.  Bytox does not reduce or affect the alcohol blood levels. Bytox is not to be used by anyone under the age of 21.  Always drink responsibly!!!