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Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You'll Ever Need Book
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Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You'll Ever Need

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Introducing our Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You'll Ever Need Book! Freaking out about your kid? You just need to calm the f*ck down.

Based on a no-holds-barred post that swept the internet, the Calm the F*ck Down (CTFD) Method is here to help. This helpful how-to offers a diaper-load of practical advice form non-expert* parenting blogger David Vienna, and dhow that common sense can get you through most parenting dilemmas.

If you're a good parent, you probably drive yourself batshit with worry. This book is for you. Based on his viral blog post and addressing concerns from "my baby won't poop" to "my boy likes girl toys" to "everything costs too much," David Vienna"s wise and funny parenting advice will amuse and inform and remind you that (almost) nothing is worth freaking out about. 

Some noteworthy reviews!

  • "This book is like yoga for my obsessed-mothter mind. I feel so en after reading it! And I also got a great ab workout from all the laughs. I think it should be required reading for all parents." Jill Krasuse, author of Baby Rabies
  • Step 1: Buy this book. Step 2: There is no second step.Farah Miller, editor Huffington Post Parents
  • If Vienna's CTFD had been available four years ago, the money I could have saved on antacid and Grecian Formula would easily fund my daughter¬ís first year of college. Dave Engledow, author of World¬ís Best Father

Includes advice from actual experts! Great new dad gift that’ll keep him calm, cool, and collected. It's the gift you hope someone will give you when you become a parent!

Paperback. Measures approximately 5.5 inches wide x 7.75 inches. 112 pages. Conceived and written by David Vienna and illustrated by Erica Salcedo Saiz. A must have baby shower gift, our Our Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You¬íll Ever Need Book!