Whether you're looking for a way to liven up a birthday celebration, or cover up the serious funk you just released upon the world... We have a wide range of ridiculously fun candles to choose from!  You're sure to discover unique gift ideas to delight or torment your friends and family. Floating Beer errr.. Birthday Drink Candles and more!

Clean Puppy Candle


Doggone! It smells good in here! There are no bones about it, our Clean Puppy Candle is an awesome gift for dog lovers! Of all the smells your dog could smell like. - stinky dog breath, dog farts been rolling in my own filth stench, wet dog - just...

Red Red Wine Candle


Why? Wine not? Our red, red, Wine Candle is totally lit! A fun and unqiue gift for wine lovers. Now you can have Red Wine (scent) with every meal! Perfect for when you need to stay level headed, and the only thing you'll be pouring over that night is...

Mary Jane Scented Candle


This is not just another half-baked idea, our totally dank Mary Jane Scented Candle smells like the real deal!  Not that we would have any idea what that would smell like of course... err... anyway!Give this as a gift to your favorite stoner friend...

Fast Food Scented Candle


If we didn't have to worry about our blood getting sluggish from the grease we'd totally eat fast food french fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner!   Instead we'll just sit here smelling this grease scented goodness.   Ketchup, mayo, Pete's...

Bacon Scented Candle


Oh, hello bacon!   Welcome to my living room and my bedroom and my bathroom and my hallway!   I'm so glad you could escape the confinement of the kitchen and delight the rest of my house with your savory, gratifying smell!     Our...

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