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Canned Laughter
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Canned Laughter

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Canned Laughter... because everyone deserves their own laugh track!

Bwahahaha! Tee hee hee! You know you're hilarious, but you can't always have someone bear witness to your amazing one-liners and zingers. That's where our Canned Laughter comes in handy! Besides, there's nothing like a good belly laugh to make us feel great if you're feeling less than awesome. Whether you’re a howler or a chuckler, we’ve canned six of the best eye-watering laughs for your listening pleasure. 

Just lift the lid to activate the sensor and emit a rib-tickling guffaw. 

Measures approximately 2.8 inches wide x 3.81 inches tall. Our Canned Laughter will encourage you to get your giggle on.