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Car Full Of Aliens Auto Sunshade


Make your car a UFO!

Our Car Full of Aliens Auto Sunshade makes it look like you’re escaping from Area 51! Through the advanced, futuristic power of shade, this out of this world sunshade will allow you to park in the sun without your interior turning into a warp core meltdown.  Features a group of gray aliens, not lizard people (they live underground in Antarctica), escaping from a secret government lab. 

  • Keeps your car from a close encounter with the sun
  • Blocks the rays of the sun
  • Makes it look like aliens stole your car
  • 50" x 27-1/2", big enough for most cars

Includes two suction cups for installation so simple, even a lizard person could do it. Folds for easy storage. Metalized polyester laminate. Bagged with illustrated header.

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