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Cat In The Box Stickies



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Always think out of the box!  Unless you're a cat, then always do your stalking and plotting from inside of the box... They'll never know what hit them!

Our ridiculously cute Cat In The Box Stickies are on a mission.  But it's not just to catch the allusive red dot or sit inconveniently on your keyboard this time.  Rather they're here to help you bring joy to your otherwise boring day of doing work stuff or homework.

Adopt a cat today and you'll be feline fine in no time!  We're unable to take requests for which kitty will go home with you - they choose you! A cool gift for the cute overload junky or cat lover!

One. Includes 1 pack of stow away kitty stickies in box. This kitty memo has 30 lives (aka sheets) and measures approximately 1.65 inches tall.  Box measures approximately 1.3 inches wide.

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