Cats + Cat People

Fur real! Cats + Cat People need love too! Both may act allusive and distant at times, but both enjoy a well-timed snuggle! Knead to find the purrfect gift for the cat lover in your life? Or is that purr-son you? Once you have successfully nudged your kitty off your keyboard... check out our awesome collection of quirky + offbeat kitty themed products!  You'll be feline fine in no time! No kitten! Cats + Cat People are taking over the interwebs right meow!

Chow Time Black Cat Handy Tote


Just us, or does the expression on our Chow Time Black Cat Handy Tote seem to be this kitty cat's response to who wants kittttty fooooood? Here kitty kitty! While we purffur a block of cheese, some dark chocolate, a fresh baguette, and some catbernet -...

People I Love: Cats. Socks


Socks fur the serious cat purr-son. No kitten, our People I Love: Cats. Socks are so soft and cozy, they're like paw-jamas for your feet! Do you pre-fur the company of cats?  Are you a little aloof, a little manipulative, and a whole lotta cuddly...

Holy Roller Lint Roller


Oh, heavens! Your clothes are covered in pet hair again! Time for some divine intervention! Our hilarious Holy Roller Lint Roller is ready to help roll that damned fur off your favorite black sweater! A fun gift for your churching going pals, or...

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