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Cats, Snacks + Crafts Tattoo Sticker


Live by the claw, die by the claw!

Our Cats, Snacks + Crafts Tattoo Sticker isn't for pussies, it's for tough as nails cat people who can craft and aren't shy about it! 

Are you still deciding on that cat-too? We hear ya! How about you start by tattooing your travel mug, car, phone, or computer with our purr-fect trifecta designed Cats, Snacks + Crafts Sticker!

  • Made in the USA
  • Measures 2.75 inches wide X 3 inches long
  • Weatherproof vinyl

Our Cats, Snacks + Crafts Tattoo Sticker chased a feather out of St Louis, Missouri from a bunch of feline-fine creative loving cat parents!

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