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CBD Candy

CBD has been in the news a lot lately and we have created a great selection to help you make your first CDB purchase!

Our CBD products are MADE IN THE USA with the highest quality ingredients. What Is CBD? CBD, is short for cannabidiol. It's a naturally active chemical compound from the flower of cannabis. Is CBD Legal? Yes, As of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD hemp products with less than 0.3% THC are now legal in all 50 states! For ages 18+

CBD Gummy Bears


Oh, I'm a CBD Gummy Bear.... a CBD Gummy Bear.  I'm a yummy, edible, social anxiety reducing gummy bear! What a long strange trip it's been getting CBD Gummy Bears to the market, but we're so Grateful they've finally made it! Now that they're...

CBD Gummy Ribbons


Double rainbow edibles!? What does it mean?? Take a trip outside of your typical comfort zone with our yummy CBD Gummy Ribbons! Say what? With the anti-anxiety and stress-reducing effects of CBD oil, you'll quickly be on your way a relaxing and...

CBD Sour Gummy Smiling Emojis


CBD edibles have arrived! Good luck trying to wipe that smile off your face! Too peopley outside? No problem! Reach for your jar of CBD Sour Gummy Smiling Emojis and your social anxiety will run for the hills, instead of you! These smiley face...

CBD Gummy Peach Rings


These cannabidiol edibles will leave you feeling just peachy! It's no coincidence our CBD Gummy Peach Rings are shaped like tiny life savers, for they truly are! These tasty little treats pack a substantial punch with 25mg of CBD per piece...

CBD Gummy Cherries


Feel CBD cherrific before you know it! Our CBD Gummy Cherries edibles are the ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!  This is not your mom's high school weed! Feeling a bit stressed or anxious? Pop a couple of these in your mouth and you'll feel your worries...

CBD Gummy Watermelon Rings


Feeling a bit melon-choly? Our CBD infused edibles will save the day! Formulated with cannabidiol our CBD Gummy Watermelon Rings help to promote an awesome sense of calm and overall wellness,  CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol...

CBD Gummy Worms


CBD is legal in all 50 states, y'all! Why settle for vaping or salves when our CBD Gummy Worms are just like the ones you remember from your childhood! These squirmy little wormies taste, look, smell, and feel the same. The only difference is that they...

CBD Gummy Blueberry Rings


CBD edibles shaped as tiny life savers - coincidence? We think naut! Our CBD Gummy Blueberry Rings are here to come to the rescue! These tasty little hemp oil candies pack a substantial punch with 25mg of CBD per piece. Don't know what CBD is? Allow us...

CBD Gummy Apple Rings


An apple a day keeps the stress away! *If that apple is a CBD edible that is!* Don’t be fooled by their innocent appearance! Our potent CBD Gummy Apple Rings may ring of nostalgia, but these candies contain approximately 25mg of CBD per...

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