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Cheers! Bottle Tie

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When you hear a cork-pop and fizz, what do you immediately think of?  A celebration!  With our Cheers Bottle Tie, you can dress any bottle, even if it doesn't have a cork!  Just give the button in the tie a push and you'll hear the sound of a popping cork and bubbles fizzing.  This bottle tie is hot pink and bedazzled to make even the dullest of bottles look jubilant! 

Our Cheers Bottle Tie will give champagnes an extra sparkle, table wines become big winners and spirits become more uplifting.  Even beers seem to taste a little better.  This is the perfect accessory when you're giving a bottle as a gift! 

An flashy and fun hostess gift for your next party! (Don't forget the champagne!)

Measures 6 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide.  Fabric.