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Chill, Bitch Candle


Breathe girl!

Our endearing Chill, Bitch Candle is a thoughtful gift for your closest bitches, or a blunt reminder to your inner bitch. Yes, we're talking to her. We see you, and commend your daily struggle to keep your shit together, and not slap a deserving mofo.

There's a time to be upset, and then there's a point when you've been riled for so long that everything is setting you the f*ck off.  That is when it is time to burn one down.  So rather than an underserving bridge, or ex-boyfriends car, this candle will save the day (and from you spending 10-20 years beyond bars in an unflattering orange jumpsuit)

  • Smells like bitch be chillin'
  • 9 oz soy wax candle.
  • Hand poured in the USA
  • 50+ hour burn time

Made in the USA. Reusable glass jar contains hand-poured soy wax. Scented with Bali vibes of citrus, mango, sea salt.

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