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Chill-O-Matic Drink Cooler

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What's that?  You don't think we can turn your nasty room temperature beer into icy cold fun times in just 60 seconds?  Just watch!  What kind of sorcery is this you say?  Science! And a little help from our Chill-O-Matic!

You won'’t believe it until you try it but our Chill-O-Matic will take any 12 oz can of soda or beer from disgustingly warm to arctic cold in just a minute!  To help you wrap your brain around the enormity of this situation... This genius invention cools your drink 240 TIMES FASTER than a refrigerator.  It will not cause any fizz or foam, ever! You just get a cold drink super fast!!!

No more unexpected explosions from putting a can in the freezer trying to get cold quick and forgetting about it.  Whether you just unloaded the groceries and you want a cold drink or you are at BBQ or a Picnic, you are just 60 seconds away from a cold drink.

Going tailgating? No longer need to lug around a heavy cooler filled with multiple bags of ice.  Just a simple ziplock size bag of ice can chill an entire 12 pack of drinks.  Booyah!

Requires 2 AA batteries. Measures approximately 8 inches long x 4.9 inches wide x 4.3 inches tall.