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Chill Out Nifty Notes


It's true... our Chill Out Nifty Notes could literally save your life or the life of others!

They say stress is a deadly disease. When people are anxious and freaked out, it makes other people want to kill them.  Warn colleagues, friends, and loved ones when they need to take it down a notch (or ten) for your sanity, if not theirs. It's a humorous and useful gift to tame your local stress monkey!

Remember. Life can be tough. But it's also short. And stressing out is like texting during a movie... you risk bugging people, and you miss out on the best parts. 

P.S. There's a pill for that. Now chill the heck out already.

50 sheets. Measures approximately 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall. Looking for the perfect gift for paranoid, nand anxiety riddled relatives and loved ones? Our Chill Out Nifty Notes is up for the job.


Gift Ideas

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