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Cleaning Gadgets

To quote our favorite flying nanny... In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Yes, that includes cleaning up your giant messes too! You'll be whistling while you work even if you're tidying up after a rager before your parents or your mother law comes over to give it the 3rd degree! Checkout our outrageous assortment of fun and offbeat Cleaning Gadgets sure to catapult cleaning to the top of anyone's to do list!

Blue Q This Is My Protest Dish Towel


Say it loud and proud with our This Is My Protest Dish Towel! You can start by protesting making dinner, doing the dishes, and march on from there. You're a force to be reckon with, so settle for a basic dish rag? It's the perfect gift for empowered...

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Blue Q Eat Up, B*tches Woven Dish Towel


Serve up some snark with our Eat Up, Bitches Woven Dish Towel! Dish towels are like the socks of the kitchen! So why not add some trash talking and personality to your favorite room in the house? It's the perfect gift, because everyone needs...

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Flipside Reversible Dishwasher Sign


Magnets... how do they work?  They're magic!  What we do know is that they keep our super retro styled FlipSide Reversible Dishwasher Sign attached to your dishwasher so you know if what's inside is clean or dirty! Modeled after a retro...

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Take Out Container Compost Bin


Wha??  Don't toss those food scraps into the trash!  Collect and carry-out your future fertilizer in our Take-Out Container Compost Bin! Not only is it incredibly cute and eco-friendly, it's a clever way to keep compost-bound waste out of...

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Flipside Hello Reversible Dishwasher Sign


No need for the dishes to pile up in the sink while you're too lazy to sniff the glasses to see if they're clean or dirty! A great gift for the roommate or life mate whom seems to never have been properly introduced to the dishwasher... our Hello...

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Static Clean Retro TV Sponge Holder


Our Static Clean Retro TV Sponge Holder is an homage to the days when TV only got three channels and one of them was always static! The good ole days when the only remote control y ou had at your disposal was forcing your younger sibling to walk up to...

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Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies


There's no reason to get all puffed up over staticky wrinkled clothes!  Our set of magical little Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies will naturally control dryer static and decrease dryer time, while simultaneously fluffing fabric! It's time to kick...

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