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Clip-on Mini Christmas Bulb Ornaments

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Cheer up your resting Grinch face

Enjoy chugging down your hot chocolate, eggnog, or peppermint mocha in style with our Clip-on Mini Christmas Bulb Ornament Charms. They'll create a festive atmosphere wherever you go!

Show them you’ve totally got the balls to show up to the socially distanced family gathering, Home Depot, or Zoom meeting dressed like a Christmas tree.

  • Spruce up your beard, hairdo, sweaters, gifts, and sleeping roommates!
  • Includes 9 shining examples of your wacky, tacky holiday cheer!
  • Alligator clip-on mini Xmas bulb ornaments provide a firm grip
  • A fun stocking stuffer for all the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies

An Instagram worthy gift for the guy (or gal) who is enjoying growing their beard out during the pandemic. Fun fact: Did you know the Christmas alphabet has noel? Sorry, not sorry.

Includes 9 colorful clip-on mini X-mas bulb ornaments per card. Add some flare to your hair! Our Clip-on Mini Christmas Bulb Ornament Charms are a hipsters dream come true.

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