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Coffee Creamer Cup

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It's nearly inescapable.  Practically every little toddler looks up to their older wiser elders as role models.  This holds true for coffee creamers as well!  Our adorable Coffee Creamer Cup is modeled to look like a mini me of your large to-go coffee cup! 
An essential part of the extended coffee bean family, this creamer aspires to one day be the one running the show at breakfast.  Why the to-go cup and not a mug?   Because like most toddlers, this little mini me is on the go!  Alas, there's no rest for the wicked-ly cute! 

It's literally a little cream for your coffee.  awww

Stop paying super bucks for doughnut store coffee when you can have awesome stuff at home or the office!
4 oz. white ceramic creamer.  Measures approximately 3.5 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide.