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100 ways to be a more responsible grown up

Do you find "adulting" difficult and consider yourself a bit of a mess? You're in luck! The dreadfully funny advice provided in our How to Adult Card Pack will help you clean up your act, and get to acting like a real adult in no time!

Each card designates the number of adult points associated with the adulting tasks. Examples below:

  • Money Troubles - Ask your family, friends, or the government for cash handouts. This is helpful if you've spent the last of your cash on a new outfit for the extravagant holiday. Adult points: 4
  • Complaints - Make sure you flip out at anyone who pisses you off. No one believes in good karma anymore. Throw a tantrum, scream at customer service employees, anything you can think of to finally get some attention! Adults points: 4
  • The Blame Game - Blame society and everyone else for your problems. Make sure everyone is aware of thow unfair your life is an do nothing to change it. Adult points: 5

Set of 100 sarcastic bad life advice "adulting" cards. Packaged in colorful paper box. Measures approximately 6 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 1.4 inches deep. Our How to Adult Cards is the perfect gift for college grads!

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