Intoxicated Playing Cards

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Need a gift for the Joker of the bunch?

The night will seem like a blur with our Intoxicated Playing Cards! Your friends and family will swear someone spiked the punch! Not for the faint of heart, or easily queasy, these tricked-out cards will have you seeing double, triple, and have you recounting your empties.

  • Intoxicated Playing Cards - Because normal is boring.
  • Take your drinking games to the next level! 
  • Each deck contains a full set of 52 cards + 2 jokers.
  • Each playing card featuring a varying level of blurriness.
  • PLAYFUL WARNING: side effects of playing with these cards include increased feelings of intoxication!
  • A unique gift idea for your drinking buddies!

Most decks of cards are boring... this one isn't. These wonky cards will make you and your opponents feel like you've had far too much to drink. Let the fun begin!

Includes one standard-sized deck of uniquely blurry playing cards. Our Intoxicated Playing Cards Deck measures 3.5 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide.


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