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Phrenology Dog Bust- Read Your Dog's Mind!

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Ruh Roh! Are you sure you want to know what Fido is thinking?

Our Phrenology Dog Kit is just the kit you need if you've ever wondered why your furry, slobbery, best friend acts a certain way or does oddball things. BALL! Did somebody say ball?!

Obsessed with your doggo, and frequently narrate what's going on in their head with a voice you've created which mimics what you imagine they would sound like if they spoke in a human voice? Duh. Of course you do! Now you can add some more accuracy to your routine!

  • Phrenology Dog Desktop Mini-Bust and Book Kit
  • A fun 3-inch tall ceramic bust labeled with distinct areas in your dog's skull, dedicated to their unique canine behavior.
  • Get Treats, Rollover, Beg, Gobble, Food, Lick, Tug of War, Belly Rubs, Fetch Balls, Jump Up, Fetch Sticks
  • The Little Book of Dog Phrenology - 32-page mini-book
  • A totally fetch companion to our Phrenology Cat miniature kit.
  • An un-fur-gettable gift for dog people - sure to tickle their funny bone!

Kit includes one 3-inch tall, painted ceramic desktop statue of a phrenology dog, and a 32-page book written by Brenna Dinon. The gift box measures approximately 3 inches tall x 2 inches deep x 3.8 inches wide. Our Phrenology Dog- Read Your Dog's Mind! Is begging to go home with you!