Tiny Hands Handages Bandages

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Boo Boo?
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Clumsy? Let's have a show of hands.

Get your hands on our Tiny Hands Handages Bandages if you're an uncoordinated mess, and things tend to get out of hand quite easily.

If you're like us, you've realized by now that it's always good to leave the house with a bandage handy so it might as well be a hand-y bandage!

These hand decorated bandages will save you from having to cover each little cut and scrape with your own hand. Think of the convenience! Who's ever got a free hand. Maybe we should make a smaller version in case your finger hand gets a paper cut.

  • You'll be in safe hands with 12 large bandages
  • Slap one on and you're good to go
  • Handy reusable metal tin
  • Includes a free prize
  • Decorated with healing hands
  • Not Reiki infused

We're not going to tell you to keep your hands to yourself! In fact, we'd like to encourage you to give someone a hand!

Gotta hand it to Archie Mcphee with this one, it's certainly an oddly funny and awkward gift. (and that's not a back-handed compliment!) Just don't let our Handages fall into the wrong hands... or you may find your self with blood on your hands. Or maybe we just like squeezing hands into each sentence. It's your risk to take - our hands are clean.

Each of the fifteen large, 3 inch x 1. inch, sterile strips is decorated with a hand. They come in a 3.75 inch tall metal tin with a FREE PRIZE! Latex-free adhesive. Hands off! Our Tiny Hands Handages Bandages will you on your hands and knees.

Archie McPhee - Tiny Hands Handages Bandages

Customer Reviews

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Christy M.
Cover me

So cute! It just holds your boo boo

Katherine H.
Great Present

This was a great present for a friend who always asked "if I need a little hand with something."

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