The Scream Bandages

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Shout... shout... Let it all out! These are the bandages you can't do without.

We're willing to bet you Tears for Fears that our terrifyingly awesome The Scream Bandages, are the perfect thing for dealing with scrapes and owies. After all, Edvard Munch’s The Scream is a visual representation of nature’s infinite scream of torment... and a well-timed scream will make you feel better!

A fun gift for your art loving friends, you can also use them for imagined wounds if you have “Munch”-housen Syndrome.

Contains fifteen adhesive bandages decorated with the familiar screaming figure. Each bandage measures approximately 3 inches long x 1 inch wide, and is Latex-free with sterile gauze. The metal tin measures approximately 3.75 inches tall and contains a FREE PRIZE!

Archie McPhee - The Scream Bandages

Customer Reviews

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Audrey P.
Stop the crying with screaming....

Nothing makes the tears stop quicker than a fun bandage. These are indeed fun.

You need these

Okay, seriously, these are just too cute. Best of all, you get a screaming tin to keep bandages in forevermore. You need these. Definitely get them. Heck, give some as gifts. Anybody at any age would love them.

Louise S.
Fun for Kids

This is only a review of the design because I haven't tested functionality. I bought these Bandages to give one to each child in my class for an end-of-the-year gift. They were a big hit. The children mostly chose to open and apply them, and they stuck on. I bought the "brave" and "unicorn" Bandages. They didn't like the "magic healing powers" unicorn Bandages, probably because they are too young to read, so I gave them ones with pictures. I'll be buying more for stocking stuffers.

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