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Booby Bird Fowl Language Dish Towel

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Look at these boobies!

We swear this is totally innocent... it just sounds inappropriate at first! Our Booby Bird Fowl Language Kitchen Dish Towel, is a beautifully produced cotton tea towel featuring eight hand drawn birds from the Booby species.

  • Featuring: Brown Booby, Nazca Booby, Abbott's Booby, Blue Footed Booby, Peruvian Booby, and last but not least the popular Red Footed and Masked Booby birds

An educational and cheeky design is popular with bird watchers... but everyone with a good sense of humor.

Each bird is beautifully painted by hand (with the help of crayons!) by Sarah Edmonds. The vibrant colors with the details of the birds give them all unique characteristics.

A fun and sometimes maybe awkward gift (make sure the hostess has a sense of humor) with a pun-inspired twist for a hilarious but totally usable kitchen accessory. It'll bring out everyone's cheeky foul mouthed side... Yes, even your sweet ol' aunt's!

Made in the UK by our favorite wildlife artist Sarah Edmonds! The Boobies kitchen tea towel is digitally printed on pale cream premium cotton and measures 30 inches long x 19 inches wide.

Please note: No boobs were harmed in the manufacturing of this towel.