Soap for a Midlife Crisis

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Will not fade new tattoos!

Our Soap for a Midlife Crisis smells like a motorcycle, or a perm or maybe even a food truck. Whatever it is, you're throwing caution to the wind and finally going for it. And not a second too soon. Your chances of getting hit by a bus just keep going up and nobody wants to die without at least experiencing the magic of a spiral perm.

We have all known a few people that have been in complete denial of having a midlife crisis. Maybe you've had one too? No, not you... not yet. Wait, have you become an instant scotch whiskey enthusiast or have you started thinking about a wall aquarium in the kid's room for seven pit vipers?

  • Kumquat Tree Scented
  • 6 oz bar of Soap for a Midlife Crisis
  • Mild on recent piercings and won't fade new tattoos
  • All soaps are handmade, no two bars are identical

All soaps are hand-poured, no two bars are identical. 6 oz bar of Soap for a Midlife Crisis. Kumquat Tree scented.

Customer Reviews

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valerie c.
Smells like my brother in law!!!

Hilarious stocking stuffers! The scent is actually aromatic and very pleasant! Can’t wait to see the look on his face 🤣

Five Stars

Great smell. Gentle soap.

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