Hamdy Ham Flavored Candy Canes

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Deli-counter fresh baked faked ham!

Sure, Christmas is about the joy of giving, but let's not forget about the delicious food! An homage to the traditional Christmas ham our Hamdy Candy Canes get straight to the meat of the holiday! Give the gift of thanks to the dinner host or hostess by way of six ham-flavored candy canes in a box illustrated with a personified (and quite classy) ham with a cane! It may not earn you an invite back next holiday, but if they can't appreciate this cheeky treat, do you really want to surround yourself with such negativity?

  • Hamdy Candy Candy Canes
  • Set of 6 baked Christmas ham flavored full-size candy canes
  • The delightfully twisted gift box features a meaty (one-legged) ham bone, wearing a Santa hat, and using a candy cane to get around.
  • These red-and-white-striped candy canes may look like a traditional candy cane, but Santa as our witness they are not!
  • Super tempting to be used for pranking but be warned! It may put you on Santa's naughty list next year!
  • Get your jollies hamming it up with this unique Secret Santa gift!

Set of 6 full-sized, candy ham flavored, red and white striped, individually shrink-wrapped candy canes. Each cane measures a standard 5.25 inches tall. The shrink-wrapped, illustrated box is perfect for gift giving! Our Hamdy Christmas Baked Ham Flavored Candy Canes are an ideal gift for the unconventional holiday spirit!


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