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Anxiety Pen Set

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Our favorite coping mechanism?

Self-deprecating humor, of course! So naturally, we've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Anxiety Pen Set! Eyecatching and cheeky, we can effortlessly poke fun at ourselves without dealing with the awkwardness of social interaction. Win/win!

  • OMG Are You Mad At Me?
  • BRB Let Me Overthink This
  • Even My Anxiety Has Anxiety
  • I Came. I Saw. I Had Anxiety So I Left.
  • Can't Wait To Worry About Everything Today!

Lighten the mood this this cheeky pen set! It's a hilarious gift idea for friends, family dealing with social anxiety, or general anxiety.

Black ink. Set of 5 retractable ball-point, clip pens. Satisfyingly round and chunky barrels in red, lavender, pale yellow, light green, pink. Gosh, we really do hope you like our Anxiety Pen Set!