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Pencils for Cat People

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Feline the Paw-sibilities

Our purr-fect Pencils for Cat People are perfect for people that just have a strong affection for kitties. We're not going to say that word that rhymes with SHMRAZY because we understand. You have a love and special bond with fur-babies with little bean toes and can't get enough!

I have a surprise for youuuu.... Darn it, where are you? Remember that time you told me you wished you could be a little policeman? I’m sure you said that. And I’ve got JUST the costume for that! Come on, kitty, kitty. My Insta followers are waiting.

Each box has a color-variety of 8 standard #2 pencils that are imprinted with:

  • It's not me, my cat likes dressing up
  • My cat hates you
  • Did someone say free kittens??
  • Send me cat memes so I know it's real
  • Grumpy cat... never forget!
  • 30 cats is a nice round number
  • What's one more cat?
  • Weekend plans: Cat. Couch. Cocktail
  • 8-pack of standard No. 2 Pencils
  • Cat people are awesome
  • Witty and fun pencils to use and hand out
  • Too many cats?
  • Made in USA

Our Pencils for Cat People are 8 brightly colored pre-sharpened #2 pencils packed into a sturdy box and made in the USA.