How To Appear Smart At Work Flashcards

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100 tricks to improve your reputation at work (without trying)

Need some help in the How to Not Look Like a Slacker Department? Our non-HR approved How To Appear Smart At Work Flashcards will polish your worker turd status in a flash! Before you know it, you'll be giving off the warm glow of an irreplaceable worker bee, or possibly a Queen Bee!

  • How To Appear Smart At Work Flashcards
  • Set of 100 cheeky cards that will show you some essential tricks to getting that pay rise you've been asking for. 
  • Extremely creative and lazy ways improve your reputation at work! Each card provides instructions with a corresponding Genius Level Rating. Includes gems such as:
    • The Mug (Genius Level 4): Buy the biggest mug you can possibly find and use this to drink from in the office. When you put your mug in the kitchen, let them know this is your mug and they aren't to use it.
    • The Sickie (Genius Level 4) : When calling in sick, cough after every word; this will ensure that your boss is 100% fooled into believing your illness is real.
    • The Shoes (Genius Level 5): Wear shoes that'll make people think you're reliable. Velcro shoes show everyone that you have good time management and are always ready to run when presented with any danger.
  • A totally hilarious white elephant gift guaranteed to liven up office holiday parties

Made in the UK. Our How to Appear Smart at Work  Kit100 hilarious flashcards to help you Excel at work without trying. Sick Day Blue box measures approximately 3.6 x6 x 1.4 inches.

Gift Republic - How To Appear Smart At Work Flashcards

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