To Be Honest Holiday Gift Tag Stickers

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They say that honesty is the best policy, right?

Give the gift of honesty this season with our To Be Honest (TBH) Holiday Gift Tag Stickers! Watch in childlike wonder as your white lies and flying f*cks flurry out the window to create a blizzard of holiday hilarity.

  • To Be Honest Gift (TBH) Tag Stickers
  • Slap these bad boys on your gifts and watch with excitement as the WTFs, LOL, and OMFGs begin to fly!
  • Includes 16 brutally honest TBH gift tags! With gems such as:
  • Best I could do on a shit salary
  • You never fucking like anything so I didn’t try
  • I’ve always thought Santa was kind of creepy
  • SORRY! I’m terrible at this.
  • Don’t worry I kept the fucking receipt
  • I got the classiest kept at the gas station
  • I’ve been watching you
  • And more!
  • Printed in the USA

It’s now easier than ever to give your gifts an extra dose of… honesty. Not a huge fan of the holiday season? Got a beef with your gift’s intended recipient? Did your shopping at 7/11? Say so with TBH gift tag stickers!

Our TBH Holiday Gift Tag Sticker Pack: Two full-color 8-sticker sheets with header card. Each sticker sheet measures 5 inches wide × 9.5 inches tall.  TBH = To Be Honest. These gift tags beat a fancy bow any day!


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