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Bananya Talking Kawaii Kitten Banana

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Bana-nya! The kitty who lives in a banana

The cute little white kawaii cat who lives in a banana can now also live in your home or office! Our talking Bananya figurine, and sticker book set is a one-of-a-kind collectible based on the hit Crunchyroll show! Bananya appears as a cute white cat with his upper body protruding from a banana peel-like lower half. He has blackish brown eyes and two whiskers on either side of his face and pink cheeks underlying said whiskers. But if you really want to know about him...

  • Name: Bananya
  • Species: Banana Cat
  • Traits: Optimistic, carefree, and playful
  • Weakness: sweet foods
  • Hidden aspiration: to become a trendy chocolate-covered bananya!

Miniature set includes:

  • A 3-inch tall talking Bananya figurine
  • Peel open the banana to reveal Bananya inside and hear him say "Nya!" which means meow in Japanese!
  • Includes 16-page sticker book
  • A fun gift for banana cat fans!

Gift box measures 3.1 x 2.05 x 3.95 inches. Banaya was brought into this world in 2014 as a creation of author and illustrator, Akiyo Nagano. Add some kawaii-flair to your desk with our Bananya: Talking Figurine and Sticker Book!