Emotional Support Chicken

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You're probably thinking... what in the actual cluck??

But we're going to put our neck right out and say that our Emotional Support Chicken is everything it's clucked up to be!

Are you too chicken to fly alone? Do you feel a little peckish about going out to eat by yourself? Then, you should think about enlisting the help of our friendly Emotional Support Chicken! After all, everyone need someone to lean on, but when you lean on this plucky Rubber Chicken, it squawks its support loudly.

  • Emotional Support Rubber Chicken
  • The chicken that is always there for you.
  • Dressed in an iconic red service animal vest, which can be removed when off-duty
  • 13 hilarious inches long, so it can easily fit into your carry-on!
  • Superior quality vinyl feels like plucked poultry skin
  • Very loud squawk when squeezed for dear life during stressful situation
  • A fun gift for your favorite comedian or chicken shit!

Made of soft vinyl. Our Emotional Support Chicken measures approximately 13 inches long, and provides unlimited entertainment!

Archie McPhee - Emotional Support Chicken


Customer Reviews

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Patricia B.
Awesome Gift!!!

I bought 8 of these for friends who were flying out of town for the holidays because we all know how stressful it is!!! I’m sure it will crack everyone up!!! I did make a little mask for each of them to wear so they wouldn’t get tossed off the plane!!! If it makes everyone laugh, then I’m thrilled and couldn’t be happier with my purchase!!!

Shannon Z.
Hilarity ensued

I got three emotional support chickens, one for each of my kids. I laughed so hard as all three of them squeezed, punched, and performed chicken CPR. The sounds. OMG. If you don’t like funny stuff this isn’t for you.

Glenda S.
Emotionally Squeaky!!

I bought this for a gift. My package arrived quicker than I thought it would. Upon opening the box, the chicken was covered in foam peanuts. I had to carefully unbury him so as not to disturb the emotional supportiveness. He came out perfect! The test squeak...s were awesome! My friend is going to love him!!

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